By Dhaar Mehak 

While sitting at the last bench of the class and listening to monotony, all of a sudden a ray of electric current emerges from the cages of the rib and with the speed of light touches the whole aspect of the being, fumes the spirit and ignites chaos. The soul questions the end of the monotonous breathing. Nature has created us dynamic, then why on the planet are we behaving static?. Going to classrooms, reading the achievements of the men of past and the formulation of battle fields and the victorious parties, high up in our minds. What is our scene in the role? Of mute spectators, visualizing the victories, defeats, revolutions and changes from a distance, for a regular periods of 40 minutes and closing the imaginative auditorium for the next 24 hours and repeating the same, day after day, week after week and eventually year after year.
Lets take a panoramic view at natures creation, at human existence and at the regular featured ‘we’. Versatility is nature and nature is versatile. Calm is the usual appearance and serene its manifestation. Then somewhere erupts a volcano and the whole topography and geography of the area witnesses complete novelty. Nothing remains in the previous stage of stat-ism and the hot lava emancipates the change. Nature rebels! The scene shifts and the manifestations change. Why would the mountains hide the molds in anger inside? For how long? It vomited! Vanished the old, leaving a way open for the new. Scope emerged for change to up-come. Such spectacular is the history of earth and its geological evolution. A rebellion from within the elements of the earth.
The matter of fact now is that such lava(s) are present within the beings of (all) the humans. This however is a latent energy. It lies hidden within us. Much similar to the story of the eagles egg that somehow fell into the nest of the hen. The baby eagle thinking of himself as a chick merely wished and envied to be like the falcon in the sky but never gave a try. With the potential of flight but un-known he died a death of land while he was deemed to die flying. We work in monotony, merely reading the stories of great (wo)men. We envy, we yearn, aspire yet only give it a spectating 40 minutes in the whole course of 24 hours. What are we taught? To earn ourselves a descent living! Grow up, study, get a degree, earn, marry, have children, help them grow up, retire, die; finish, end of your story! Is that what for we were born? Fine then, lets now make a differentiation between the race of humans living in the rural and urban areas with the race of zebras living in the forest. The former live in self made states, while the latter in the state of nature. Rest is the same, in basic building blocks, eating, mating, having children, rearing them, growing old and dying of course.
Various creative springs with but no vent lie within us. We are taught that the earth is round and are made to believe the same. Why on the planet will we agree to the contention that the earth is round? We never saw its roundness. We are taught that democracy is the best form of government. Really? Why then it failed in Athens, centuries ago? Why will we in monotony trust of it as being the best of the forms of government? May be anarchy will turn out to be the best in form that may suite us, our tastes and our times. Who knows! Laws of motion and thermodynamics! Why don’t they co-exist with those of metaphysics? Why are we forced to accept, read, recite and believe Physics when no solid proof we are acquainted with? Above all, why are we taught of the great men of the pages of past with the pragmatic reality of monotony and no vibrant exposure and freedom? A great irony that surrounds our ordinary existence that could have been an extraordinary one, had we been left free.
Let me develop the writer in me to give a vent to my thoughts, be they radical or classical. Let me decide my will at free. Let no constrains prevail. Let liberty be replaced with freedom and government by self-rule. Human race is supreme and each being of the said race is supreme in itself. Let the artist visualize at length a utopia or anarchy. Let the spirits of his soul fly high and high and high to elevation. Let a poet carve out his words to the generations at length and a  sculptor reach his finest perfections of detailing. The case is of no absolute authority that grips our hands, it but is of psychological bars, we have let ourselves surround. A beast of burden was tied by his master to a mere plastic chair as he went to take his lunch. The animal wished to free himself and run to freedom and took a look at the chair and wondered to itself the high levels of strength the chair must be possessing, for, his owner is not a foolish man that he will tie him to a mere object. Similarly, we have let ourselves be the same fools. Illusionary bars of society and selves grip us in the caged prisons; we are free, yet not knowing. The world is open but seldom we realize. The laboratory is open yet approaches we bar. Unless we will call our inner gut, to rescue nothing good can grip our backs and our parachutes can never open to give us wings. The wings are latent, so are talents and so is the gut. We need to call all at once. Shed the land of monotony from our shoulders and with gut, run to our creative domains. No human is ordinary and no bars are in existence, the slumber needs a hard push to rebel the times and rebel the lives!

Dhaar Mehak (Is a FreeLance Writer And An Under Graduate Economics Student Can Be Reached At [email protected])