Maqbool’s sister assails Rashid

Says don’t play politics over ‘martyrs’

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front founder Mohammad Maqbool Bhat’s family Monday assailed a lawmaker after he raised pro-Maqbool slogans during a poll rally in Handwara.

Earlier today, the Member of Legislative Assembly, Rashid in a poll rally in north Kashmir shouted slogans in favor of Bhat and parliament attack convict Guru. Both of them were executed and buried in New Delhi’s Tihar prison in 1984 and 2013 respectively.

Talking to GNS, Mehmooda, one of the sisters of Bhat said: “Being an MLA, he has no right to shout slogans in favour of Maqbool ‘Sahab’ and that too in an election rally. Once he leaves Assembly and then he can shout slogans in favor Maqbool. He has nothing to do with him”

She said it pains us when they shout these kinds of slogans in election rallies. “It is vote politics. What has MLA to do with Bhat?” she asked, adding:  “On the one hand, he has sworn on Indian constitution and on the other, he talks of Bhat. This is unacceptable. He has no right to talk about Bhat”

“Those who take part in elections, in election rallies and cast vote are actually betraying martyrs,” she asked. “It pains me when I hear slogans of elections. It is unfortunate that these people forget everything. People should completely boycott elections,” she said.

She said there are ‘hundreds’ of Bhat in Kashmir and “I ask those who are in election process what answer you would give to martyrs”?

Rashid had moved a motion in Jammu and Kashmir assembly that sought to commute the death sentence to Guru. But, he blamed the ruling National Conference and main opposition Peoples Democratic Party for scuttling the motion.