Mayor Junaid Mattu, Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran, Corporators unhappy over salary package

Srinagar: Two days after the government released the first salary of Srinagar’s Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Corporators, they called it “too little” while demanding enhancement in it.
“Salaries of Corporators should be revised. Since 2005, there has been no enhancement in it. The salary of legislators has been enhanced several times,” Srinagar Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu told reporters on the sidelines of the second Council session of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) at SKICC on Saturday.
He said it was a genuine demand of Corporators to get their monthly salaries revised saying that he has appealed the government to review it again.
“In Dehli, Mumbai and other metropolitan cities of India, Corporators get good packages. The same benchmark should be provided here too,” Mattu said.
A senior official at the SMC said two days ago, the state government released salaries of newly-elected corporators. “Mayor has received Rs 10,000, Deputy Mayor Rs 7,500 and Corporators Rs 6000 each,” he said.
Seeking enhancement in their salaries Deputy Mayor Srinagar, Shiekh Imran said Corporators risked their lives during the recent Urban Local Bodies (ULB) polls.
“When mainstream parties boycotted the ULB elections, these Corporators risked their lives despite threats from some parties as well,” Imran said.
He said most of the Corporators have contested elections independently in the city and they should be given salaries as per current market rates.
Imran said he too had recently conveyed it to the concerned quarters to hold their salaries before the General Council meeting.
In the Council Session, a resolution for enhancing monthly stipend of Corporators was also submitted with an absolute majority before the Mayor.
Mohammad Lateef Mir, who has been elected as Coporator from ward-5 of SMC told that 6000 rupees are a meagre amount. Even class 4th employee gets more than that monthly,” he said.

He said that they feel discouraged hence they will return the salary to the government.
“Security, salary, and accommodation are three main issues we are facing. We cannot afford anything from this salary. It must be increased akin to other parts of India,” Mir demanded.