Modi Govt non- serious: AZAD

Q: When almost every political party here is stressing for the state elections on due date, what is your take on this?

Elections in the state should be conducted on due date as the massive measures for the rehabilitation and rebuilding of the flood torn areas of the state will be taken in the month of March- April next year by the next dispensation. It is important to con- duct elections in the month of Janu- ary so that the next government could speed up the measures of rehabilita-tion after the winter months are over.

However, at present concentration must be on the relief and rehabilita- tion activities and that all the govern- ment machinery must prioritize the efforts for the same. I believe that we should concentrate on relief activities and we have much time later to think about polls. Also the governor’s rule, if imposed, would hamper the relief activities, therefore, elections must be conducted during the tenure of the present government.

Q: How do view the role played by local youth during the recent floods?

80 percent of the population hit by floods was rescued by the local youth who endangered their lives to save others. We all must salute the cour- age of youth who risked their lives, made temporary boats and went into the flood waters to save people in thousands. As the NDRF also did a remarkable job but the courage dis- played by the youth is laudable.

Q: What is your view over the relief and rehabilitation measures being taken by GOI?

The interest displayed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the initial period is contrary to the ground situation at present. The leaders came here, made announcements and then went into the deep slumber. No where could we see the serious approach of GOI in relief operations as  I believe the political motives are be- hind this relief work.

Q: And please tell us your opinion about the measures taken up by the state government?

The officers at the helm in the midst of the crises were worried about their dear ones and not about the lakhs of common people who were hit by the catastrophic floods. Honestly, I was much disheartened to observe that at the time when the state machinery had to care of all, the officers were worried about their own family men, friends and relatives. Also another unfortunate aspect is that the govern-ment servants are waiting for the orders to work. They used listen to the call of their conscience and work in unison to get state out of this havoc. Also people here should keep vigil over such elements that are hell bent upon exploiting the present catastrophic situation in the state.

There are various elements present in our society that always are waiting for such catastrophic situation to emerge so that same could be exploited. People of state must keep an eye upon such people and parties who are fish- ing in the troubled waters at present. The money that is coming for the re- lief and rehabilitation must be spent in a proper and just way. Both rul- ing and opposition parties must prioritize the efforts so that funds could reach the affected homes.

Various political parties are trying to politicize the present situation in the state and are trying to seek political benefits out. One party thinks that if relief works are failed to be carried, it would affect the ruling party and will benefit the opposite ones. We have to change this attitude if we have to rebuild the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Q: There are allegations that NDRF and other teams adopted pick and choose during rescue operations in various areas. What is your take?

The army and NDRF performed remarkable job while carrying out the rescue operations. The fact is that the rescue teams reached to the areas that were accessible for their large boats and heavy choppers. People should not feel that they adopted any pick and choose approach.