Mushaal urges UN, world to pressurize India for provision of RSD to Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Chairperson Peace & Culture Organization Mushaal Hussein Mullick has strongly condemned the bigot statement about Kashmir Conflict made by the Indian diplomat Mianicjoshi at United Nations, declaring it another bamboozle act from India.
In a press release Mushaal Hussein Mullick pointed out that when United Nations has declared Kashmir as a disputed territory, the behavior of the Indian diplomat was completely undemocratic, undiplomatic, unethical, unlawful and irresponsible. Mushaal said that India has left no stone unturned through nefarious designs to suppress the Kashmiris’ legitimate right to self-determination but has failed to break the will of the Kashmiri people. The presence of such a large number of Indian troops certainly incites unnecessary incidents of violence which further aggravates the populace, serves as an explanation for warlike situations, violation of ceasefire line, draconian laws, disappeared persons, half widows, half mothers, rape victims, economic blockades, lockdowns and curfews that last for weeks and weeks. She expressed utter disappointment and shock over the contradictory behavior of the Indian Diplomat at the UN Assembly where a war of words was exchanged with his Pakistani counterpart Diyar Khan over Kashmir Conflict.
“India has been putting a blanket ban on religious processions during the month of Muharram since 1989,the argument put forward by the world’s largest democracy which claims, has the capacity to accommodate cultural, religious, linguistic, ethnic and other diversities is security risk in the name of Religion. Quiet clearly it is an absolute brazen violation of international law, freedom of religious practices and right to worship.” Mushaal Hussein Mullick stressed that if India has respect for Democracy, why is it not allowing Kashmiri people to cast their votes to decide their future according to the Security Council resolutions of United Nations.
The Kashmir dispute is one of the oldest issues on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council. The United Nations has passed resolutions that have given the people of Jammu & Kashmir the right to decide their future. She added that If Kashmir is not a Dispute, why has India deployed 700,000 troops in Indian Occupied Kashmir, why the troops from the two sides are sitting eye-ball to eye-ball on Line of Control (LoC).