National Conference brought Ikhwan, task force, POTA: Mehbooba Mufti

Srinagar: PDP president Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday hit out at National conference leader Omar Abdullah after he had pitched for a single party government in Jammu and Kashmir.

Mufti took to her Twitter handle to lash out at Omar Abdullah accusing the National conference of being sell out and bringing the notorious Ikhwan, Task force and POTA to the state,“Brute majority has had a history of sell outs in JK. With 60 members NC sold out power houses, brought Ikhwan, task force, POTA. Even earlier when NC had absolute majority and unqualified political mandate it only yielded powers, resources of state to centre.” She tweeted.

In a series of tweets the former chief minister of the state talked about the coalition governments and how they had benefited the state.

She said that her father’s coalition had established a high bar of achievements crediting him with opening of cross LOC roads,“To the contrary what Mufti saheb’s coalition established a high bar of achievements, opening of cross LOC roads the singular political achievement post independence.” She wrote.

Mehbooba further cited example of coalition governments at the centre crediting them with better deliverance,“Even at national level it seems post Indira Gandhi coalition governments have delivered better than majority party rule e.g. Vajpayee coalition, UPA 1 compared to present bjp single party rule.” The first female chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir wrote.

Adding that it was Narsima Rao’s government that brought India out of its worst economic crisis,“Recall Narisimarao minoritygovernment which brought the country out of it’s worst economic crisis and introduced economic liberalization.’

Earlier, National Conference (NC) vice-president Omar Abdullah on Monday strongly pitched for single-party government in Jammu and Kashmir as “coalition culture has failed in the state” (CNS)