Nayeem Akhter is thinking about our future and nothing else

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This is in reference to the previous article you posted An Open Letter To Education Minister Naeem Akhtar From 12th Class Students (Read Letter Here: )

Protesting against exams is not a resort yes no doubt the circumstances are harsh but if our exams are scheduled to be held in march then it will be impossible for us to qualify any competitive exam. I agree that our syllabus was not completed but being a 12th class student you have to study all by yourself these must not be any excuses.
I don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments and I agree that many innocent people died and were blinded but protesting against exams is not right. Mr. Nayeem Akhter is thinking about our future and nothing else. I can assure that no medical or non medical student wants their exams to be held in march. The students protesting right now belong to arts and commerce group and they’ve already completed their syllabus they don’t even have to appear in any competitive exam they are just simply trying to create menace. They are making excuses that we were not able to study but I belong to that area which has been attacked by grenades 2 time and still I have completed my syllabus. There are many students like me who are prepared to appear in exams and we don’t support the protest.

Received From a 12th Class Student