Negligence of Biscoe School puts students, families in COVID risk 

Srinagar, Jan 07: Srinagar’s private institute Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson School Sheikhbagh has put hundreds of students and their families in trouble, as three students on tour to Gulmarg turned COVID-19 positive forcing the school authorities to cancel the visit midway, but the school turned negligent by not informing families of the students

 Many parents told Srinagar based news agency Kashmir Dot Com (KDC) that the school did a major negligence by not informing the families about the covid positives nor did they do the mandatory tests while returning the students. 

 “The school has risked hundreds of persons including parents and students by not informing them about covid positive cases. Neither the school tested the students while bringing them home,” parents said. 

 The parents said that after the students told them about their three colleagues turning COVID positive, they carried their tests themselves. 

 “Why didn’t the school management inform us about the students turning positive while on tour? Who knows how many may have got infected with virus while coming back or how many parents may be infected,” they parents alleged. 

 The parents said the management played with the lives of students and parents by concealing the information about three COVID students. 

 “It is a major negligence by the school management. The administration in Srinagar must take the school to task for hiding information about COVID positive students and not informing the parents,” parents added.

Despite repeated attempts school management couldn’t be contacted; however their version will be updated once available(KDC)