Pakistan: Islamabad to be cut off from rest of country ahead of PTI’s march

Islamabad: Pakistan’s federal capital Islamabad is likely to be cut off from the rest of the country on May 25, the day of the proposed ‘Azadi March’ by the Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf (PTI), Dawn reported on Tuesday.
Police in Islamabad said that two plans had been made under the direction of the government: either to allow the PTI marchers to enter the capital or intercept them at the entry points.
However, so far a final decision has not been taken in this regard. But in either case, Red Zone will be sealed except the lone entry/exit point on Margalla Road.
“Plan ‘A’ will be put in place if the government allows the PTI to enter the capital but in this case the marchers will not be allowed to cross Zero Point,” the officials said.Faizabad, Bhara Kahu, Rawat and Golra will be sealed by putting containers and heavy police deployment.
Plan ‘B’ will be executed if the government does not allow the PTI to enter the capital. Under this plan, all entry points will be sealed and the marchers will be intercepted on Attock and Jhelum bridges.
Besides, the motorways and G T Road will be blocked and PTI’s local leaders, hardcore activists and workers will be detained/arrested.
In this regard, a list has been prepared containing the names of over 400 local leaders, activists and workers, the officers said. Their arrests will begin whenever directives are issued by the government.
Moreover, they have received intelligence about the places where PTI and its student wing activists are hiding after reaching the capital from other parts of the country.
Over 300 activists, most of them from Insaf Student Federation (ISF), are believed to be staying on Kasuri Road near the residence of former prime minister Imran Khan in Banigala.