Patients with diabetes, renal disorder, post-Covid recovery prone to black fungus: Dr Tariq Qureshi

Srinagar, June 2: Senior consultant and HOD Ophthalmologist SMHS Dr Tariq Qureshi on Tuesday said that out of control diabetic, post-Covid recovery and renal disorder patients are prone to the black fungus while it does not affect the common man.

Talking to the media he said patients should not shy away from exposing themselves before doctors but should come at the right time to contain the black fungus disease. He also said if any person smells black fungus symptoms he/she should instantly approach doctors without any delay.

Dr Tariq Qureshi added that if we ensure our surroundings clean and maintain personal hygiene then there are least chances for a person to get affected with black fungus. He also added that black fungus-like disease is not new rather doctors are treating multiple types of fungus for years wherein hundreds of patients have recovered.

Talking over the online classes for kids and their effect on their eyesight, the senior Ophthalmologist said that it is undeniable fact that multimedia has become a part of our life which one cannot rule out but simultaneously maintained that it has its own demerits on the user.

“If you spend 12-hours on a laptop or mobile, it can surely affect your eyesight. Kids who get education in an online mode in pandemic must go for intermittent breaks to save their eyesight”,he said.(KNS)