PDP’s “new faces” spreading moral waywardness in Shehar-e-Khaas: NC

Growing reports of attempts by PDP to corrupt our youth: Dr. Kamal

Srinagar: National Conference has lashed out at PDP for systematically using moral corruption of young boys in Shehar-e-Khaas as a political tool to further its plans to exploit our youth as pawns in electoral battles.

According to a statement issued to KNS, while castigating PDP for allowing some of its most notorious and ill-reputed “new faces” to allegedly aid and abet drug scandals and narcotics rackets in Shehar-e-Khaas, NC Additional General Secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal has demanded that the police takes immediate and serious cognizance of these reports and brings the culprits to the book. “National Conference has a responsibility towards Srinagar due to a bond of trust that has lasted decades where NC has helped in safeguarding the historicity and cultural centrality of Srinagar – even when it meant spilling our blood for Srinagar. We can not and will not watch as mute spectators while PDP empowers goons and criminals to corrupt and exploit our young boys who they eventually plan to use as pawns in the coming elections”, Dr. Kamal said.

Stating that the youth of the nation was its biggest asset, Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said that PDP only intends to repeat and rehearse what Mufti Sayeed started in 1990, albeit in a different shape now. “In 1990 Mufti Sayeed lorded over numerous grizzly mass-massacres in Shehar-e-Khaas and sent thousands of our young boys to graves while he basked in sadistic pleasure as the Home Minister in New Delhi. The harrowing memories of Gaw Kadal, Hawal, Abi Guzar and Mashali Mohalla massacres are still fresh in our psyche. Now it appears that Mufti Sayeed is yet again launching a similar, elaborately planned murderous assault – this time on the very soul of Srinagar by promoting to known goons and criminals who have started to use their ill-gotten black-money to encourage drug-addiction and alcoholism among the youth ahead of the coming elections”, the NC Additional General Secretary said.

Dr. Kamal said that there were growing reports and very serious allegations from public delegations of distraught parents from Shehar-e-Khaas that a particular “new face” of the principal opposition party was allegedly encouraging the poisonous growth of drug addiction in Srinagar through his henchmen. “We demand the police takes all these reports and allegations very seriously and thwart these attempts to corrupt and destroy the future and lives of our youth. Numerous public delegations from Shehar-e-Khaas have complained that their young children are being lured with narcotics and alcohol and then exploited once addicted. There should be no hesitation in launching a thorough investigation against the alleged culprits”, Dr. Kamal said.

The NC Additional General Secretary said that there were also reports of allegedly some immoral activities going on under the patronage of some new entrants into the opposition’s ranks in Shehar-e-Khaas. “While all of this might be acceptable to Mufti Sayeed as long as he gets a foothold through criminals in Srinagar, National Conference will expose these anti-social and ill-reputed criminal elements and will not allow them to toy with the lives of our young generation”, Dr. Kamal  said.