PDP’s rhetoric shameless: NC

‘Contradicts Mufti’s history, PDP’s politics’
 Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has criticized PDP for issuing statements that according to it contradict both Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s role in the State’s troubled history as well as the ‘policy of deceit and contradictions’ that PDP wishes to thrive on.
In a joint statement issued to KNS, the NC leaders Dr. Mehboob Beg, Sharif-ud-Din Shariq and Mohammad Akbar Lone have said that if Mufti and Mehbooba were so concerned about Afzal Guru, what did they do while charges against Afzal Guru were filed during their tenure and with Mufti ‘tacit support and approval’?
“Wasn’t it Muzaffar Beig, PDP’s stalwart and candidate from Baramulla Parliamentary Seat who was engaged to defend Maqbool Bhat in the Supreme Court and ended up absconding and leaving Maqbool Bhat  without a defense counsel even after receiving the due counsel fee and retainer-ship? There are serious apprehensions and theories that this was done deliberately against the interests of Bhat, who was later hanged,” the statement reads.
It added: “PDP talks of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat without speaking of Gaw Kadal, Bijbihera, Handwara massacres – those which were not only allowed but facilitated under the command of Mufti Sayeed as the Home Minister of India? There are also questions on Mufti’s role in allegedly refusing to prevent the assassination of Mirwaiz Molvi Farooq Sahab by ignoring his repeated pleas for granting security to him.”
The NC leaders have said: “To add to the miseries – the mourners in his funeral processions were fired on while Mufti Sahab remained in direct command of the security forces. Wasn’t it Mufti Sayeed who defended the Armed Forces against the Kunan Poshpora victims on the floor of the parliament in Delhi? Now the same Mufti Sahab wants to tell us that he will represent the pain of Kashmiris in Delhi through his candidates for the Parliamentary Polls? Why did he then choose to humiliate and speak against the Kunan Posh Pora victims in parliament back then?”
The statement reads: “The same Mufti Sayeed who talks about AFSPA revocation remained conveniently docile about the issue during his run at power. While Mehbooba Mufti has the audacity to claim moral high-ground for offering to relinquish her security over this issue in the past, one ponders over the fact that she still carries around security – despite AFSPA being in place years after her symbolic tamasha and cosmetic threat. Now Mufti Sahab has started bashing the UPA and openly garlanding the Narendra Modi led NDA – overtly as well as covertly in alleged meetings with Modi’s top-brass in Delhi.”
The National Conference leaders remarked that while Mufti Sayeed deems the UPA a failure now, he was content and satisfied while he was a part of a coalition with Congress. “Mehbooba Mufti on the other hand ironically claims that NC has cut of its hands by allowing Congress to field its candidates from Udhampur, Jammu and Ladakh. Irony is that the same PDP left no stone unturned to beg and plead with the Congress and tried various machinations to sabotage the NC-Congress coalition – all of which failed completely.”
They added: “Our coalition with Congress is not a fair-weather convenience but an ideological coalition. PDP is a coalition of individuals with completely divergent political ideologies and pasts – all contradicting the posturing of the party today. There is not a single senior PDP leader who can claim to have been born in 2002 and history does not start in 2002 with the formation of PDP.”
The statement added that “their aggressions and evil designs against the people of J&K are recorded in tragic, black notes in the history of this nation. Repeated contrarian and contradictory statements issues by Mufti Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti since the last week show the abject frustration of the party at PDP’s phenomenal erosion in the Anantnag Parliamentary Seat and their embarrassing inability to make even the smallest inroads in the other five seats.” (KNS)