Plum farming picking up in JK

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir has recorded 24 per cent increase in plum production in 2013-14. Last fiscal the total plum production has been recorded at 10,777 MT in the state, which is up by 2,095 MT from 8682 MT in 2012-13.

The increase in the production has brought some good dividends to the farmers and orchard owners in the state.
As per the Horticulture department a good number of farmers in the state are shifting to plum farming and availing for themselves various schemes of the department.
Horticulturists in the state opine that after apple, it is now plum cultivation which has picked up in recent years.

Data compiled by the Horticulture department show that the production of plums in Kashmir alone has gone up by 1880 MT to 8268 MT in 2013-14 from 6388 MT recorded in 2012-2013.
The data has been compiled for every district in the state.

It shows that in Ganderbal district as many as 26 hectares have been brought under plum cultivation last year. As per the report the total area under plum cultivation in the district has gone up to 178 hectares in 2013-14 from 149 hectares in 2012-13. “The production of the fruit in the district has increased by 91 MT from 1022 MT in 2012-13 to 1113 MT in 2013-14. “
As per the report in Budgam district the area under plum crop was 953 ha in 2012-13 which has now gone up to 963 ha and the production has increased from 1616 MT in 2012-13 to 1659 MT last fiscal.
In Islamabad (Anantnag) district the area under plum crop has increased by 20 ha as in 2012-13 the plum cultivable area in the district was 375 hectares which has swelled to 395 hectares in 2013-14. The production of the fruit in the area has witnessed steep increase from 1075 MT in 2012-13 to 2724 MT in 2013-14.
As per the report, the area in Pulwama district under plum crops in 2013-14 was 67 hectares. It was 59 hectares in 2012-13. The production has increased from 295 MT in 2012-13 to 338 MT last year.
In Kupwara district, the fruit production has gone up by 183 MT. The total production recorded in the district in 2012-13 was 369 hectares which has jumped to 555 MT in 2013-14. Similarly, the area under its cultivation has also increased from 41 hectares to 46 hectares in one year.
In Srinagar district the area under plum cultivation in 2013-14 was 251 hectares. In 2012-2013 it has increased to 249 hectares.  The production of plum in the district has increased from 663 MT in 2012-13 to 664 MT in 2013-14.
The area under plum crop in Bandipora district has increased from 24 hectares in 2012-13 to 25 hectares in 2013-14. The production has also increased from 42 MT to 52 MT.
However, the production in Kulgam district has decreased from 1287 MT in 2012-13 to 1145 MT last year. Contrary to trend in other districts, the area under plum crop in the district has shrunk to 205 hectares in 2013-14 as against 206 hectares in 2012-13.
In Shopian district the production has increased by 1 MT from 18 MT in 2012-13 to 19 MT last year. The area under its cultivation has not seen any change from 6 hectares.
In twin districts of Ladakh region the area under plum has decreased from 4 hectares in Leh and 5 hectares in Kargil during 2012-13 to 1 hectare each in 2013-14.
The production recorded in the two districts stood at 2 MT in 2013-2014.

The Jammu region has witnessed increase in plum production from 2294 MT in 2012-13 to 2509 MT last year. The area under its cultivation in the region stands at 2623 in 2013-14 hectares which was 2566 hectares in 2012-14.
Deputy Director Horticulture, AH Lone said the plum farming was picking up in the state. “Plum farming has become profitable and local temperature suits its cultivation,” he said.
President, Parimpora Fruit Mandi, Bashir Ahmad said that plum is mostly exported to states like Punjab, Delhi and Mumbai.
“Our local demand for plum is not high and it is mostly exported to other states. But its short shelf life impedes its export to far-off places,” he said.