PM asks students to come up with innovative concepts


Coimbatore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked students to prepare innovative models and forward them for their use in a big way.

Following an interaction with a student here through video conference after she came up with a model on embankments during the Smart India Hackathon (SIH), the Prime Minister asked her to make her presentation before the authorities concerned.

The student was M Shwetha, a fourth year student of M.Sc (Software Systems) of Sri Krishna Arts and Science College.

She had developed the model of an embankment and how the replica could help prevent loss of life and property if there were a breach.

An embankment is the soil on the periphery of the natural water bodies that protect people from any water overflowing into the adjacent areas. If there is a breach in the embankment it can cause loss to life and property, Shwetrha said at the hackathon.

This danger can be warded off if it is known when the next breach is going to occur, she said.

With the help of machine learning, students can study the breach pattern and predict it, and support the government in taking preventive measures.

Support of the local residents in taking photographs of embankments and uploading them on the portal along with information of breaches can help avert natural disasters in time, the student said.

Greeting her with a ‘vanakkam’, Modi asked Shwetha to prepare a training model on embankment and take the idea and the presentation to Central Water Commission for implementation.

Another student from PSG College of Technology M Kundan explained about his work on security and surveillance and demonstrated a chatbot he had designed to take complaints from the public to a police station without going there physically.

Presently, many people do not report crimes due to stigma and fear of going to police stations and it is here the application could be useful, he said.

The Prime Minister suggested Kundan to develop the chatbot in all regional languages as common people can use technology.

Chairperson and managing trustee of Sri Krishna Institutions S Malarvizhi, its CEO Dr K Sundararaman and principal Dr J Janet were present at the session.

Sri Krishna Institutions is the only nodal centre in Tamil Nadu selected for interaction with the Prime Minister.