Protest Rally Show of Solidarity With Kashmiri Students Studying in Indian States: Yasin Malik

Indian Freedom Struggle Leaders Also Studied In UK And Openly Participated In Freedom Struggle Of India but Were Never Harassed

Srinagar: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik was today arrested along dozen others when he was leading a protest rally towards Lal Chowk against  expulsion ,torture and harassment of Kashmiri students in Indian states.
Besides Yasin Malik many other leaders of JKLF including Noor Mohammad Kalwal, Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi, Javed Ahmad Zargar, Mushtaq Ajmal, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Prof. Javed, Ghulam Mohammad Dar, Mohammad Azeem  Zargar and Shahid Makaya etc were also arrested by police. Prior to this, Yasin Malik led an Impressive protest rally from Maqbool Manzil .the rally was attended by students, lawyers, traders and people from all walks of life in large numbers. Those who participated in the protest included advocate Mohammad Amin Malla, Adv. Babar Qadri, Adv.Sheikh Sabah, and Adv. Gayoor and advocate Bashir Ahmad Khan. Parents of many jailed Kashmir’s including father of lifer Javed Ahmad khan.
Chanting slogans in favor of freedom and harassed student’s, this rally started its march towards Lal chowk Srinagar. Police and other forces had laid a siege around the area and sealed all roads going towards Lal Chowk with police vehicles. On reaching near Budshah Chowk the protest march was stopped by the police. The participants offered a heavy resistance and this stiff resistance continued for a long time. Police used Sticks and Lathes to disperse the protest and this police action injured many including JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik. On the occasion Yasin Sahib and other leaders were arrested by police. Despite police Excess, the peaceful attitude and resistance of the participants of protest march especially the youth was commendable.
Prior to these arrests, Yasin sahib while addressing media said that Kashmiris will not accept any Toying with the future of their youngsters. He said this protest rally and sit in was a show of solidarity with thousands of those Kashmiri students who are studying in Indian states and feel harassed after the expulsion of many from Meerut university. Yasin Malik said that it was the duty of Indian state to provide protection to these students and that no Kashmiri will tolerate any harm or Injury of any kind to them.
Condemning the oppressive measures taken against Kashmiri students in Meerut, beating them, lodging a FIR of treason against them, Yasin Malik said that this all is a reflection of India’s animosity against people of Jammu Kashmir. This is not the first time when Kashmiri students are being targeted. We saw these inhuman measures in 2013 also when Kashmiri students protested against human rights abuses in Jammu Kashmir.
He said that the leaders of India freedom struggle Ghandi Jee and Nehru also studied in universities of United Kingdom and openly participated in freedom struggle of India but were never harassed by Britisher’s against whom they fought the war of freedom but Indian in contrast is torturing and toying with the future of Kashmiri students who only chose to cheer for a team that was playing a cricket match against Indian team. Yasin said that this has exposed all tall claims of Indian democracy and openness.
Yasin Malik said that in the whole world people rising above the politics, nationhood and other things like or dislikes games and teams playing those games. They cheer and share joy or sorrow as per their will and desire and there is no discrimination shown on this in the whole world. In fact this is reckoned as a civil liberty and freedom of expression, but ironically Kashmiri students are being targeted just because Indian cricket team lost a match and these boys chose to cheer for the winning team.
Yasin malik said that that the people of Jammu Kashmir cannot remain silent spectators on this issue. We cannot watch our young ones, their careers and future ruined, added Yasin Malik. He said that it was the duty of Indian state to provide security to those students who are studying in Indian states and are constantly being harassed.
Yasin said that if Indian government and civil society thinks that these kinds of barbaric measures can deter Kashmir’s from pursuing their freedom struggle they are living in fool’s paradise. He said that no freedom struggle has ever been defeated by oppressive measures and even Indian freedom struggle bears a witness to this fact.