Rising fuel prices: Man seeks permission from boss to go to work on a donkey

Islamabad, June 04: Rising fuel prices have taken a toll on the general public. Similarly, a man from neighboring Pakistan has made a shocking demand over rising fuel prices that everyone is upset.

Apart from cars and bikes, this person has asked permission from his boss to use donkey to travel to office. The post of this Pakistani man on social media has gone viral.

According to the information that has come to light, the person to make such a demand is an employee of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. As petrol and diesel prices have skyrocketed in the country, the employees have demanded to come to the office in a donkey cart. He has also said that he will set a new example in this regard.

A government official has written to the head of the civil aviation department asking for permission to come to the office on a donkey rather than a private vehicle. “We can’t afford any other type of vehicle now,” he said. He has also asked for permission to use a donkey cart at the airport. The letter went viral on social media and soon after it came to light. Users also started giving different reactions to it. Some have opened their minds to say that it is now impossible to use private vehicles due to rising petrol and diesel prices. Some have praised the employee’s idea, while others have said it was just a stunt.

According to Pakistani media, the employee concerned is identified as Raja Asif Iqbal and works at Islamabad International Airport. In his letter, he said that inflation has broken the backbone not only of the poor but also of the middle class. He has said that it is difficult to use his private vehicle now. He has asked for permission to use a donkey cart at the airport. Petrol price in Pakistan has gone up to Rs 200 per liter. Diesel is also on the verge of reaching Rs 200.