Ruhullah Mehdi asks G D Goenka school administration to withdraw from land deal in Central Kashmir village

Budgam: Days after reports that a private party in education sector is in the process of procuring land in Central Kashmir’s Budgam area, National Conference leader and former Legislator has asked the private party to desist from grabbing wakf land. The NC leader also asked police to stop harassing those who are raising objections over the land grabbing.

In a series of tweets the NC leader Aga Syed Rahulla Mehdi questioned by saying that why is Budgam police calling people from Zoorigund to police station & harassing them for raising objections over a deal of Waqf property? How can raising objection be a crime & a matter for intimidation by police?

He asked police not to get involved in this case as a forcing agent of the capitalist

“I also advise G D Goenka school administration to withdraw from this deal. You are an education institution and you should not let yourselves be known as land grabbers and bring a bad name to your institution,” Ruhullah Mehdi tweeted.

While referring to G D Goenka school administration, Ruhullah Mehdi tweeted:

“The land you have taken at Zoorigund, Budgam is a Waqf land and people have genuine concerns and objections about this deal. You are advised to respect the objections and withdraw honourably and uphold the integrity of your institution.” (KNT)