Sarfaraz Ahmed says he found his wife crying after Pakistan fan called him ‘fat pig’

After the loss against India, Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed faced massive outrage as fans slammed the skipper for his attitude and fitness. Recently a video of a Pakistani fan calling Sarfaraz a “fat-pig” went viral. In the video, the Pakistani skipper Sarfaraz was seen was walking in a mall in England with his son on his lap when a fan paused and called him fat pig.

“This was playing on my mind, but I didn’t pay much heed as I thought he won’t do this as his family was also with him. I spoke to his family. One of his family members also apologized on his behalf. But when the video became viral my body language was demotivated. It was not because of me. It was because of my son Abdullah who was with me at that time. That’s why it hurt me even more,” he said in an official ICC interview.

Pakistan had faced a humiliating 89-run defeat against India in the ongoing World Cup and the defeat was followed by immense criticism for the whole team.

Sarfaraz also said that he found his wife crying in their hotel room which really hurt him.

“When I went back to the hotel I saw my wife was crying after watching the video. I tried to explain to her that this is just one video and that we have had people walk up to us and tell things. This is nothing serious we must be strong. All of this is a part of life, when we don’t perform well we will have to go through all this,” the Pakistan skipper added.

In the viral video, Ahmed was seen in a mall with his son when a fan body-shamed him.

“I was very angry at that moment, but if I had gotten into an argument people would not have seen the truth and I would’ve been seen in a negative light instead. That’s why I felt not reacting to the incident was the best response as I left it to God,” he said.