Saudi man gets 2,400 lashes in public for beating mother

Mnama: A man in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to five years in jail and 2,400 lashes in public by a court for beating up his mother.
According to Gulf News, the man physically assaulted his mother and broke her front tooth while she was riding with him in a car.
Judge Turki Al Qarni said that the man will also have the same tooth broken as his mother’s as a part of his punishments. The judge has ordered the lashing to be carried out in 60 parts, 40 every 10 days in public near a market. The man was taken into custody after his bruised mother alerted the police at a local checkpoint. The accused has reportedly agreed to the accusations laid on him by his mother. The Judge issued the sentence after getting the accused medically examined for his mental faculties and whether he had taken any drugs. (ANI)