Saying no to crackdown against Jamaat Islami, refusal to not to handover bodies of slain militants to their families led fall of BJP-PDP Alliance: Mehbooba Mufti

“Closing doors to APD by Hurriyat set bad precedent across country; Hurriyat didn’t reciprocate dialogue call of HM”, “Person arrested with three guns released for becoming BJP proxy, Waheed who brought youths into mainstream jailed by NIA”

Srinagar: PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti in a major revelation regarding the reason to break alliance with the BJP said she didn’t accept the proposal of not handing over the bodies of slain militants to their families for last rites and a major crackdown against Jamaat-e-Islami in J&K.

She also said that closing doors for the All Parties Delegation (APD) by the Hurriyat leaders set a bad precedent across India and her party would continue to vouch for the resolution of Kashmir issue through dialogue between India and Pakistan.

She said this while addressing the party workers and DDC election winners at PDP headquarters in Srinagar.

Defending the joining of her party with BJP for alliance, Mehbooba said that late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed had joined hands with BJP only to “cage a jin” in a bottle so that article 370 won’t be touched.

“We had an agreement with BJP that article 370 won’t be touched, historic roads will be opened besides dialogue with Hurriyat leaders and Pakistan. That was the Agenda of Alliance,” she said as according to KNS correspondent.

Revealing the fall of alliance, she said that the alliance crumbled after she was told by the BJP to sign a pact that read: “i refused to agree to a plan of BJP not handing over militant bodies to their families for last rites and a crackdown against the JeI across Kashmir.”

However Mehbooba said an opportunity was lost by not responding to the repeated offers of Home Minister of India who stated “My doors are open for everyone.”

While felicitating the DDC candidates who won from various seats across Kashmir, PDP chief said “BJP had written PDP’s obituary but the recent council elections proved that PDP is workers’ party; actually a movement on ground. my father used to say workers are like his eyes. I believe in same. Today, PDP is alive again because of workers. We won so many seats despite the big leaders left the party but they lost in their own constituencies as our worker stood with us firmly,” she said.

Training her guns at BJP led government in New Delhi for using investigation agencies, Mehbooba said that history is witness whenever any party comes to power, it invites other smaller parties to join them to run the governance “but “We are seeing reverse of everything.” “BJP made country’s top agencies as its partners including NIA, ED, CBI only suppress people and harass them,” she alleged.

Mehbooba accused the Government of harassing, intimidated, threatning the workers in last two months of DDC elections, “now DDC winners are being blackmailed to join other parties.A person who was caught along with three guns in his car was let go and his case was withdrawn as he became BJP’s proxy. On the contrary PDP youth leader Waheed Para, who made hundreds of youth join PDP was jailed by NIA. Waheed is the one who brought 6000 youth to former Home Minister of India’s rally in Kashmir. Despite court orders, they didn’t allow him to take oath in jail. He was bringing youth into the fold of mainstream; how can he be linked with militants.”

According to KNS correspondent, she said PDP will continue to press for resolution of Kashmir issue through dialogue with Hurriyat and Pakistan.

We are not saying we will resolve the Kashmir issue, but we have a role. We wont allow Kashmir act as a battle ground but want it to be a peace bridge between India and Pakistan. We are not saying what Atal Bihari Vajpayee did. We demand opening of our traditional routes.”

She accused BJP Government led of choking Kashmir’s economy and tarnishing the J&K’s constitution with scrapping of article 370
“We will fight for our rights. We are not the ones who would raise white flags. We will not bow; no matter how far BJP goes in choking Kashmir economy and making us dependent on all sides.” (KNS).