ScamAlert | ‘Your Electricity will be Disconnected…’

Scammers try to lure unsuspecting victims

Many users have been receiving messages on WhatsApp and via SMS from unknown numbers which claim that the user’s electricity connections will be disconnected unless they contact a certain number. “I received a SMS on November 17, that my Electricity Power will be disconnected as last month Bill was not paid, since new digital electricity meters have been installed initially I thought may be due to some glitch in PDD Department we are having this issue.” said a user to Kashmir Today.

“So I checked the JKPDD Bill Sahuliyat App, where I usually pay my electricity bills. But all the dues were paid. That is when I suspected it was a scam,” consumer added.

Meanwhile, The J&K Power Development Department has already issued an advisory, warning consumers against fraudulent billing messages

“Unless a communication contains your Consumer Name and ID, please do not respond, ” the JKPDD said in a statement.