Shah Faesal is a national asset, must rise above regional politics; Salman Nizami

NEW DELHI 19 JAN: Senior INC Leader, Salman Nizami while reacting on Shah Faesal’s resignation and his entering the mainstream politics has tweeted that With all the bouquets & brickbats that Shah Faesal sahib has got on his quitting IAS, he is a national asset. We welcome this upright youngster in mainstream politics & hope that he will serve the public with dedication in the days ahead. In another tweet, Nizami wrote even when Shah faesal whose dad was killed by militants couldn’t face the brunt of the illiterate ruler’s policies, how do you expect a young common Kashmiri to ballyhoo for you? Do these Sanghis expect him to take up GUN too? Appreciate his move of choosing Mainstream to fight back.

Nizami said, said the regional politics will confine Faesal to the prisms of few Districts whereas he should come forward and actively participate in National Politics. His saying to bring in the change will be possible only if comes to the Center and be the Voice of the Kashmiri People. Young people need to come up who truly represent the aspirations of politics and have seen the things in Kashmir very closely. While commenting on Regional Players, Nizami said that the Leaders of the Regional parties have always misguided and exploited the people both in New Delhi as well as Kashmir for Power and Votes.