`Socha aap sab ko andar ka manzar dikha doon’: Former actor Sana Khan shares video of Masjid-e Nabawi (SAW), Roze Akhdas (SAW)

Former actor Sana Khan’s video of people offering prayers in Masjid-e-Nabawi (SAW) has melted millions of hearts.

“Masjid e nabawi (SAW) aur Roze Akhdas (SAW) ki ziyarat️ Socha aap sab ko andar ka manzar dikha doon. #sanakhan #anassaiyad #sanaanas #umrah #madina #makkah,” she wrote on Instagram.

The video has notched around one lakh likes in just 10 hours. Nearly 1100 people have commented on the video. “Please pray for me,” requested a user.

Last week, Sana Khan shared a video of her stitching Kiswah (Gilaf-e-Kaba) the cloth that drapes the Kaaba. The cloth is woven from silk and cotton and adorned with gold calligraphy.

“Never in my dream, I knew that Allah had such an amazing moment planned for me. Allah has been very kind. Never in my life, I thought I would be able to do some stitching on KiswaThank you Saudi government for this experience. And my husband @anas_saiyad20 .” she wrote on Instagram

Sana Khan and Anas are currently in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Sana Khan shared her pictures on social media with her husband Anas Saiyed. “UMRAH ️Kya hasi sama hoga, Kya hasi ghadi hogi, Jab khana E khuda main hamari hazari hogi Nikah ke baad hamari zindagi ka sabse khubsurat safar,” she wrote on her instagram page.

Wearing Hijab, she posted her pictures near Khane Kaba along with her husband. “Alhamdullilah Alhamdullilah Alhamdullilah Thank you so much @alkhalidtours for planning this umrah with so much ease & comfort,” she said.

Sana also shared a video of her arrival at Makkah. “And the beautiful journey begins ️
The most popular hotel in Makkah @fairmontmakkah Will share my experience about stay, food, and everything else in coming days so u all know what u should be looking out for if u staying here,” she said.

Last month, Sana Khan and Gujarat-based businessman Anas Saiyad celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Sana took to social media to share pictures of her life partner. The former actress also penned a love-filled note for her partner.

“I pray for your Deen and Akhirah and everything in between just like I pray for mine. I pray for you just like I’m praying for myself, because what I want for myself I want for you You lead me closer to Allah & not the sin you were worth the wait Shaadi ki pehli salgira khoob mubarak ho @anas_saiyad20 Can’t wait for the photo background to turn into real one for us soon In Sha Allah…#sanakhan #anassaiyad #alhamdulillah #blessed #unitedforevertilljannah #inshaallah,” Sana wrote.

After quitting showbiz, former actor Sana Khan was recently seen promoting Halal beauty products and makeup for girls.

Unlike conventional makeup, Halal makeup adheres to Islamic standards i.e. they are free from pig-derived and other forbidden ingredients. They are also wudu–friendly (permeable to water) as required by Islamic standards. Halal beauty products can range from eye shadows, foundations, nail polishes, and even fragrances.