Stray Dog Menace at Dargah, Hazratbal

Intizamia Committee urges Administration to look into the matter and stop bringing, dumping Dogs in the area

Srinagar: Many times it has been brought into the notice for authorities that there’s a severe menace face by the devotees visiting shrine due to huge number of street dogs present in the area.

It is shocking that Authorities are releasing Street Dogs captured from various areas at Dargah, Hazratbal amid the fact that devotees consider the area holy and visit the shrine in vast numbers but still to our shock they release dogs in the area and being a devotee at Dargah, Hazratbal this is highly unacceptable to us and we totally oppose it, a devotee at Dargah, Hazratbal told Kashmir Today.

A person from of Intizamia Committee, Dargah, Hazratbal said many times we appealed the authorities to look and resolve this menace created by Street Dogs in Hazratbal but all in vain. Last week even an elderly person after Isha salah was attacked and injured by these street dogs.

Speaking with Kashmir Today we again appealed higher authorities to immediately look and resolve this problem faced by the devotees at Dargah, Hazratbal.