Time for the Islamic World to get united: JAH

Srinagar: The deplorable position of the Ummah is the outcome of differences and divisions amongst it. Operation All-Out is the deep rooted conspiracy against the citizens of the state.

President Jamiat Ahlihadees J&K Prof. Gulam Muhammad Bhat Al-Madani in a press conference stated that the cold blood killing of blooming buds of the state is the outcome of mental frustration. All the parties should come forward for the solution of the Kashmir issue.

In the great convention of Majlis Shora held today (23/12/2018) at Salafia Istitute Paray pora Srinagar which was presided by Sadr Jamiat Prof. Gulam Muhammad Bhat Al-Madani, all the dignified members belonging to Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh (all the three divisions of state) participated.

The performance of action plans of JAH for the current year was deliberated in detail and Alhumdulillah all the members where satisfied with it. Also development plan for the next year was formulated.

In a statement to Valley Media Service, while addressing the Shora convention President JAH Prof. G M Bhat Al-Madani expressed his serious concern over the blood sheds and innocent killings made under the garb of operation All-Out and called it as a mental frustration and deep rooted conspiracy against the youths of the state. Putting more there 400 youths in eternal sleep in a short period of time, is really a point of concern for all of us. We should give it a serious thought. Killings by unknown persons, putting the youths behind the bars, arresting the leaders, harassment by various agencies, which have given rise to lawlessness throughout the whole state, cannot be tolerated henceforth. Stress was laid for the permanent solution of the Kashmir issue to have an end of the Anarchy and lawlessness presently prevailing in the state.

Secretary General Dr. Abdul Lateef Al-Kindi while quoting his participation in the international convocation on “Unity of Islamic Ummah” held by World Islamic Mission stated that the convocation was held to develop the Unity and Coordination amongst the Islamic Ummah to end the era of differences and divisions. It is really a point of honor for the Jamiat Ahlihadees J&K that it’s higher ups where invited to participate in the said dignified convention.

It will be proper to mention that 1200 religious scholars, thinkers from almost 127 countries of the world, participated in the said convention and appreciated the keen interest shown by the present political and religious administration of Saudi Arabia to ensure the coordination and cooperation amongst the Islamic Ummah. Highlighting the highest level of religious importance of Makka Mukarrama and Madina Munawwara, as a point of unity, Hundreds of religious scholar’s representatives from various Islamic governments and other dignified participants stated in one voice that the Ummah which believe in one Creator (Allah), Aqeedah Risaalah, one Holy Quran, one Qibla and the straight path (Siraat e Mustaqeem) can never get detracted and divided.

The issue has to be given a serious thought, so that the Ummah again touches the highest level of success in this behalf.

Jamiat Ahlihadees J&K while agreeing with the point of view of Islamic World, appeals the nation to be one like an iron wall for the larger unity of the nation.

The Secretary General JAH while presenting the Annual Report of JAH raised the issue of Trans-World Muslim University with intensity and laid stress for the removal of bottlenecks held in the process of its establishment.

While addressing the Majlis Shora, Mufti Jamiat Molana Muhammad Yaqood Baba Sahab Al-Madani, Organazier JAH Shafat Ahmad Farooqi Sahib, Molana Abdul Lateef Riyazi Sahab, Enginier Ashiq Hussain Sahib, Moulana Abdul Lateef Bhat Sahib, Nasrullah Bhat Sahib and other dignified participants stated that the convocation by the World Islamic Mission was the need of the hour to ensure that Islamic knowledge is spread throughout the corners of the world for religious propagation, so that peace and harmony get established.

While appreciating The role of JAH in educational, constructive, religious and social fields, the participants from all the three divisions of the state laid stress that such programs should be carried out in future also with higher level of performance.

However the Shora Ijlaas concluded Alhumdulillah with the Dua (Pray) by Mufti Muhammad Yaqoob Baba Sahab.