Transgenders in Kashmir see ray of hope in Welfare Board

Srinagar, Jul 13: Transgenders who have been facing multiple problems have pinned hopes on newly constituted transgender welfare board to protect their rights and interests.

Transgenders from different areas of Kashmir told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), that setting up a welfare committee is a welcome step and they are hopeful that the committee will work for their welfare.

Khushi Mir a transgender from Srinagar told KNO that like a men and women have rights, transgenders must get their rights as well and there must a strict law against the persons who have been harassing transgenders.

“We are a marginalized community and have very limited opportunities to earn anything but whenever and wherever we go for any work, we are being treated differently and society and even sometimes our families aren’t accepting us,” Mir said.

“If nobody gives us any opportunity to work then how can we manage our life as most of us don’t have any shelter and are living in rented rooms,” she added.

Bablu told KNO that 70 percent transgenders are living in rented accommodations and have to pay room rent followed by electricity fee, water fee etc.

“The Government is providing us mere Rs 1000 per month but it is not possible for us to manage life on such a meagre amount,” he added.

Similarly many others like them said that they are disowned by their families and need financial help, accommodation and psychological support.

“We are unable to earn anything, how will we pay rent and run ourselves and the government must look into it at an earliest,” they said.

“There must be separate centres like health centers, ration depots,” they demanded—(KNO)