`US…not the US’: Pak PM Imran Khan names country that wants to topple his government

Pakistani Prime Minister disclosed the worst kept secret when his tongue slipped and named the country that wants to topple his government through a vote of no confidence.

During his address to the nation, Khan named the US though he later tried to eschew his words. However, by then the damage was already done and the cat was out of the bag.

Khan and his cabinet colleagues have been talking about the letter they received from a foreign country with a clear message that the PTI government was not mending ways and need to go home. Even Khan waved the supposed letter during his public meeting on Sunday.

“I am here today because on March 8 or 7, the United States … not the US … we got a message. For a free country, a message like this is [not only] against its prime minister but is also against the country [itself],” he said

“They knew beforehand that a no-trust move was coming. The no-trust motion was not even submitted [at the time]. It means that they (the opposition) were connected with these people abroad, They say they are angry with Pakistan … they make this excuse. They say they will forgive Pakistan if Imran Khan loses in the no-trust move, but if the move fails, Pakistan will have to go through a difficult time.”

“In an official document, it was said that ‘if Imran Khan remains the prime minister, our ties will suffer and you will face difficulties.’”

“I am telling my nation today that this is our status. We are a nation of 220 million and another country — and they are not giving any reason — [is issuing threats]. They said that Imran Khan decide to go to Russia on his own even though the Foreign Office and the military leadership were consulted.

“Our ambassador told them that the decision [to visit Russia was made after consultations] but they are denying it and saying that ‘it was only because of Imran Khan and that our ties cannot be good if he stays.’ What they are saying is that they have no issue with the people who will replace Imran Khan,” he said.

“The most disturbing thing is that they (foreign forces) have links with the people through whom the conspiracy happened, They are stooges, and stooges means loyal slaves.”

The Prime minister was originally expected to address the nation yesterday. However, the address was postponed without providing any reason.

The development comes as the prime minister is facing a no-confidence motion in the National Assembly. Yesterday, the MQM-P — the government’s main ally in the Centre announced that it would support the joint opposition in the no-trust resolution.

The MQM-P has seven seats in the NA and after it decided to part ways with the government, the opposition has gathered the support of 177 MNAs, five more than the 172 required to gain a majority.