Vote for Coalition is to keep communal forces at bay: Nizami

SRINAGAR: Joint Secretary of J&K Pradesh Congress Committee Salman Nizami today asked the people to vote for NC-Congress coalition candidate stating that every single vote cast in their favor will be to keep the communal forces at bay. He said it would also strengthen the secular and democratic ethos of the country. Taking a dig at media surveys which have shown BJP leading in the country, Nizami claimed the UPA would be the largest after the polls. Criticising the BJP, he said that the saffron party doesn’t want development; it only uses it as tool to grab power. He said that the voters should ensure that the new Prime Minister of India is a leader who would carry all sections of the society along with him and have a secular and democratic mindset as opposed to an individual who harbors communal hatred and believes in religious polarization of the country. He said that “Today, it’s very easy to be communal but very difficult to remain secular. Congress Party knows how to fight these communal forces,”. He further said that the people vote the party to power which works for development and UPA government has fulfilled all its promises made in the party manifesto. He said BJP is dividing the country on the basis of caste and religion. Modi has destabilised the harmony and brotherhood of a secular country, Gujarat riots will remain a black mark on history and heritage of India, he has killed the innocent people to grab power, his venomous approach towards Muslims and other minorities makes him unfit to lead the country of pluralistic ethos Nizami added. J&K is not safe in the hands of dictator, he is hell-bent to evade article 370, by way of which he is further illustrating kashmiris. It is by way of Congress-NC coalition govt that people have started reposing a trust and faith in the system. Kashmiris were pushed to wall and they resorted to violence because of the corruption in the state during the time of NDA regime and congress tried to clean the state from corruption and the highest priority of Congress led coalition govt was development and prosperity of the state.