WATCH: Congress MP Viplove Thakur’s speech in Rajya Sabha that shook Modi Govt

Source: National Herald

Rajya Sabha on Thursday witnessed a heated exchange of words between treasury benches and the members of Congress. Congress MP Viplove Thakur was speaking on the motion of thanks on the President’s address in Rajya Sabha. The Congress MP is known for her fiery and erudite speeches. Her address in the Rajya Sabha will be remembered for her candid and open jibe at the prime minister and the functioning of the government. She reminded of the old women of Shaheen Bagh when she courageously asked those who interrupted her to be quiet and listen to her.

Congress MP Viplove Thakur while addressing the Rajya Sabha said “Vajpayee used to speak against Pandit Nehru in the Lok Sabha, he was not called a traitor. Today anybody who speaks against your Prime Minister, your home minister, their policies, they become traitors.”

“Today you are sitting here, travel by aircraft, who gave all this? Who made these? The schools, colleges and universities that are there today, who built these? Who made the IITs? Who made the IIMs? Today, you are seen in them, but what have you done in six years? You have only tried to break India, tried to divide India, you have done nothing else, said Thakur.

“I want to ask, you have a lot of knowledge of history, you tell us who called Mohammed Ghori? Who asked him to attack Delhi? Who was Jaichand? When Maharana Pratap was fighting in Haldighati, which king helped him to battle against Akbar? Only the Bhils stood with Maharana Pratap.”

“Today I want to ask the definition of a traitor. What is the definition of a traitor? Who is called a traitor? I remember when the Communist Party did not accept India’s Independence, it was banned for four years, but Nehru did not call them traitors, the government did not call them traitors. Vajpayee used to speak against Pandit Nehru in the Lok Sabha, he was not called a traitor. Today anybody who speaks against your Prime Minister, your home minister, their policies, they become traitors. Put them in jail, catch them. You are not even sparing 6-year-old children. What will you do?,” said the Rajya Sabha MP

“We did not name Pakistan as many times in 70 years as they are doing in six years. Our mahanayika (Indira Gandhi) had split Pakistan into two parts, divided it. They are today scaring in the name of Pakistan and otherwise say, ‘We are very strong’. For everything Pakistan, for everything Pakistan. Why? What is it? Is it related to you? Yes, you did go to Lahore to have biryani (referring to Modi’s surprise Lahore trip on Nawaz Sharif’s birthday). Congress doesn’t feed it. You went without invitation and are now talking.”

“You say that the European Union has no right to speak, to bring a resolution, then why did you bring their MPs here, why did you take them to Kashmir? You yourself invited them. You yourself internationalised it. You yourself called them and others to interfere, others did not call them. As long as our governments were there, nobody dared to even cast a harmful eye on our country. All these, you people have done. To hide your misdeeds….,” said Thakur

“I say to you, don’t divide this country, keep this country’s unity intact. The people that are there in this country are here for ages, they have not come today. Pakistan and Bangladesh, those are Islamic countries, what is there to say about them? We are secular, we believe in dharma. Which dharma are you talking about? Which Ram are you talking about? The one who to keep his maryada had listened to the people? Heeding the people, he sent Sita into exile and you don’t even want to talk (to the people protesting on the streets). What Ram Rajya are you talking about? Who do you worship? Build a temple, definitely build it, but also follow his ideals. Also follow what he said. Just talking will not do, making lofty speeches will not do.”

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