Woman ‘raids’ Srinagar hospital, catches doc husband with paramour

SRINAGAR: A woman ‘raided’ the room of her husband in the Bone and Joint Surgery Hospital at Barzulla here and caught him with his paramour.
The woman suddenly stormed into the room of her husband, a doctor, “like a commando” on Friday morning, hospital sources told Early Times.
“She knocked the door of her husband’s room. The moment door opened, she jumped at the other woman and starting pulling off her hair,” sources said. This was when the medico tried to rescue his ‘girlfriend’. Now it was husband’s turn to get some blows. His wife slapped him several times and subsequently started kicking him left right and centre.
Taking advantage of the couple’s fight, the other woman managed to flee from the spot.
Sources said the angry woman told her husband that she had been tracking his movement for quite some time, and today her worst fears came true. “So you leave early for office to date this witch,” the woman reportedly told her husband before thrashing him with sandals.

Brave lady!
The angry woman said she had been tracking her husband’s movement for quite some time. “So you leave early for office to date this witch,” the woman reportedly told her husband before thrashing him with her sandals.

Sources said some hospital employees tried to rescue the doctor, but in vain. The doctor’s clothes were torn in the incident.
It was reliably learnt that the incident occurred in the morning hours ahead of opening of the offices at 10:30 am. Sources said the woman had cultivated some informers. “She had bribed some hospital staff and they informed her about her husband’s ‘extracurricular’ activities,” sources said.
While the woman wanted to file a police case against her husband, some hospital employees pacified her.
Sources said the hospital superintendent has taken a serious note of the issue and subsequently called a meeting of his staff telling them that hospital should strictly be treated as workplace and not as any “dating point.”
“One man’s mistake has spoiled reputation of the entire hospital. What will people think about us now?” said a senior medico working in the hospital.
Despite repeated attempts the hospital superintendent could not be contacted for comments.

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