Won’t allow officials to tarnish J&K Banks image: KTA

Srinagar: Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) on Tuesday expressed outrage over the harassment of traders by some officials of Jammu and Kashmir Bank, saying that for personal gain, such officers have tarnished the image of Jammu and Kashmir’s largest financial institution.

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According to statement issued to KNS, President KTA Ajaz Shahdhar said that customers and traders belonging to Jammu and Kashmir, especially from the valley, have built every single brick of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank with their blood and sweat. However, some officials are harassing the traders for their own interests, which directly points to the credibility of the institution.

Shahdar said that these officers of the bank are also keeping the rules and regulations of the country above the odds, and only personal interests are given priority, while they do not even bring the common consumers to mind. He demanded the bank chairman and senior executives to immediately intervene in the affairs of the bank otherwise there would be delay and these officers would hollow out the institution.

Shahdhar said that they would not allow credibility of the financial institution established by the people here to be tarnished. He announced that the list of these officers would be handed over to the bank chairman soon. (KNS)