Yeh Angutha Chaap Hai’: Bride calls off marriage after learning groom is illiterate; internet says shabaash’

A bride called off her marriage on the mandap after she came to know that the groom is illiterate.

A video of a bride refusing to garland the groom during the Jaimala ceremony has now gone viral. However, it is not known whether the video is scripted or real.

In the video, the bride and groom are standing on the stage for the jaimala ceremony to begin.

Suddenly, the bride throws out garland on the stage saying that she won’t marry the man. When someone from the crowd asks her the reason, she said she doesn’t want to marry an illiterate. “I had already informed you that I am an educated person and have done B. Ed. He is angutha chaap,” she said.

Netizens have hailed the girl for displaying courage. “Appreciate and salute this girl..wish her all the good luck to her,” said a user.

“And then…..Groom be like :-Thukrake mera pyaar mera intekam dekhegi,” said another

“What a great step,” said third.

Some users dubbed the video fake. “I went to their page. They make these kinds of fake videos only,” said a user.