ZEO revokes controversial order on Pheran after backlash

Baramulla: The traditional Kashmiri attire, Pheran, became a centre of controversy after an official of Education department in north Kashmir ordered employees not to wear Pheran on duty. The order was revoked after facing backlash on social media Tuesday.
Chief among the critics of the order was former chief minister Omar Abdullah, who questioned the rationale of the order and said employees should be allowed to wear Pheran anywhere.
Last week the Zonal Education Officer (ZEO) Langate (Kupwara) issued an order asking employees to wear proper dress and not to wear traditional Pheran in offices.
“I fail to understand why pherans should be banned!” Omar Abdullah wrote on twitter. “This is a regressive order that makes no sense at all. Pherans are a very practical way of keeping warm during the cold winter aside from being part of our identity. This order should be withdrawn.”
“My father & I have worn pherans to official functions many times over the years & will continue to do so, silly government orders notwithstanding,” Omar added
ZEO Langate Abdul Rashid told Kashmir Reader that he passed the order after he found most of the people coming to duties wearing Pheran and plastic shoes.
“I passed the orders and inform all the employees to wear a proper dress, however my senior officials forced me and I revoked my orders,” Rashid said.
“I thought it is not good in education department, however by the orders of my senior officials I revoked the order.”
However some people supported the ZEO stating that while Pheran was a traditional winter dress in Kashmir, but was not good for any teacher or officials wear it in office.