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About Kashmir Today (www.Kashmir.Today)

Kashmir Today is one of the Leading and Largest News Portal of Kashmir and Operated from different parts of the world. The news agency had grown in good proportion in a very less time. Kashmir based news portal launched in 2009 with responsible truthful dissemination of News. Our motto is to provide News, Analysis, Report, Articles based on Truth and Crystal clear Sources. Our News Portal having Is Having Lakhs of Subscribers throughout the Globe, besides on Social Networking sites like Face book, Google and Twitter, we having more one lakh viewers based on Daily Hours.

Kashmir Today is an online news portal dedicated to entire happenings of Jammu & Kashmir with its focus on news and views especially news on world level polity, celebrity life, burning human and social issues confronting mankind in general. We desire to achieve utmost excellence via our reportage and deep analysis of main regional and global news and events. In our endeavor, we are always striving to update our readers with latest global news and interviews of dynamic global personas.

The origin of our organisation lies in the fact and urges balanced, neutral and objective reporting on world affairs is regularly reached out to readers worldwide who want to remain updated on what is happening in world around them. To achieve the same we give updates every minute of every happening in entire globe through ‘Online Service’ and in the evening we give news dispatch of the day.

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