Alienation of youth in Kashmir cause of radicalization: Ex DGP Khoda

Says ‘Political leaders, media from mainland India should speak to connect Kashmir youth with India’

Srinagar, Jan 20: Former Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police Kuldeep Khoda termed the alienation of Kashmir youth as the cause of radicalization of youth in Valley and advised the political leaders and media from mainland India to speak in a way that would connect alienated youth of Kashmir with the rest of the country.
In an interview with “The Kashmir Magazine” the former J&K DGP Kuldeep Khoda said, “Usually, radicalization and alienation have largely remained inter-connected. When alienation breeds it gives way to radicalization and vice-versa adding that’ both encourage recruitment to militant ranks.”
Saying that the radicalization and alienation among youth in Kashmir is due to several factors, the former DGP said, “The basic radicalization’ and alienation is created by Pakistan and separatists want to accelerate this radicalization by adopting the respective plans and programmes, but this factor has been there since 1990s and Pakistan wants this radicalization to spurt more and more so that they keep alive their ‘freedom movement’ narrative in Kashmir.”
Warning that fresh spurt in radicalization has been witnessed after 2014, Khoda said, “If we analyze the security scenario in Kashmir after 2014 and especially 2016, we saw a spurt in radicalization in youth owing its origin largely to the insensitive statements from political leaders from the mainland India and the loud-mouths of electronic media.”
Warning that under such vociferous voices and political clout an average Kashmiri with fresh mind have developed a feeling that his future is not safe with the rest of India, Khoda said, “As a reaction to such insensitive statements and media debates, the alienation and radicalization of Kashmiri youths has spiked.”
Saying that the ‘extra-radicalization’ and alienation is a revolt against simmering discontent against the insensitive statements and media debates from mainland India, the former DGP said, “When Kashmiris are viewed, presented and debated as anti-national, Pakistani, it is certain that they will react as it is human psychology.”
Asking political leaders especially from the mainland India to work and speak to media in a way to carry the alienated youth of Kashmir with the rest of the country, Khoda advised them to make efforts to win back the radicalized minds and encourage them for achieving their goals. Second, electronic media must behave properly to help in the better integration of the alienated and marginalized sections and lands by weaning away from insensitive debates and violent content.
Warning that the electronic media having higher TRPs also enjoy huge impacts on the viewers and the young minds are more vulnerable to graver impressions than elder generations, the former DGP said, “When a 16 or 17 year old Kashmiri youth is told that you are an anti-national and nation wants to know this, an impressions creeps in the fresh mind of youth that entire country is against him and there is no space for him adding that’ the consequently the youth in Kashmir react naturally, get radicalized and develop hatred against India.” (KNS)