Residents of Erstwhile Doda welcome ST status for Paddaries

Demanded inclusion of Paharies of Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban

Jammu : February 19, 2024

The Pahari Core Committee has warmly welcomed the decision to grant Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to Paddaries, marking a fulfillment of a longstanding demand of paddari tribe. Sh Abdul Majeed Bichoo, Chairman of the Pahari Core Committee, expressed satisfaction with the recognition of Paddaries, highlighting its cultural and ethnic significance.

Bichoo further emphasized the linguistic and cultural ties of the Chenab Valley to Western Pahari languages and ethnic relevance of population of Doda Kishtwar and Ramban. Sanjay Thakur Bharatya Organising secretary of the committee  suggested that the Chenab region, comprising areas such as Bhaderwah, Bhalessa, Pogal, Saraz should also be considered for ST status. The committee said that the majority ethnic Kashmiri population in the Chenab Valley, are historically connected to Dhoks, reinforcing the ethnic relevance of this demand.

The committee advocate extension of ST to areas like Bhaderwah, Bhalessa, Pogal Paristan, Saraz,  Neel, Kishtwar, Bonjwah, and other regions where Western Pahari languages are spoken. The plea is grounded in the cultural and ethnic fabric of these areas, urging authorities to acknowledge and include them under the ST status after seeing the genuineness of the ethnicity and  pahari languages as classified by GA Grierson.

As the Pahari Core Committee continues its efforts to secure recognition for Paharies of chenab region who are sharing linguistic and ethnic ties, the recent inclusion of Paddaries in the ST category stands as a notable achievement, paving the way for further discussions and considerations.

In the wake of the recent parliament approval of the Bill to include Paharis in Jammu and Kashmir’s Scheduled Tribes (ST) list, residents of erstwhile Doda are fervently demanding the ST tag for themselves, highlighting their ethnic and western pahari language relevance.

Expressing a collective sentiment, the residents assert that their distinct ethnicity warrants inclusion in the ST category, echoing the broader call for recognition based on cultural and ethnic considerations. The governments move has triggered aspirations among various areas having pahari ethnic relevance  to secure the benefits associated with Scheduled Tribe status.

As the demand gains momentum, it reflects a broader discourse on ethnic identity and representation, prompting discussions on the criteria for ST inclusion in the chenab region. The residents of erstwhile Doda are keenly awaiting a positive response from Government of India anticipating a transformative impact on their social and economic status. 

 Prominent who advocates ST status to Paharies of Doda Kishtwar and Ramban include Abdul Khaliq Pogali, Ex ZEO, Fozia Sadaket, Jaswant Singh, Sanjay Bharatya, Anil Kumar, Shahid Katoch and many others.

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