Ashraf Sehrai reacts to Sallahuddin’s statement

Said Shoora will decide about Geelani’s successor
Srinagar: Reacting to the statement of UJC chief Syed Salahu Din w herein he had stated that Hurriyat Conference (G) chief’s close associate and Jama’at-e-Islami de-facto member, Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai makes a ‘good successor of Syed Ali Geelani to lead the movement’, Sehrai Monday while clarifying his stand, stated that he has no interest in becoming Geelani’s Successor.
“I have never worked with Geelani Sahib for any candidature or as a contender for the position of the Chairman. I can even work as a gate keeper for a cause. Post is not important for me,” Ashraf Sehrai told KNS over phone.
He maintained further that whenever the situation would emerge when the amalgam has to choose Geelani’s successor- the same will be done by he constitutional process and as per the constitutional norms of Tehrek-e-Hurriyat.
Geelani’s close aid added that it is only the Shoora that has full authority to choose the Chairman of TeH. While expressing surprise over Hizb chief’s statement, Sehrai remarked that there has been no process going on within his amalgam wherein deliberations could have been laid upon choosing the successor of the senior separatist leader. “Geelani Sahib is in sound health now- His health conditions have improved a lot- he even today addressed a seminar for 30 minutes over phone from Delhi. No discussion over the issue of successor is being discussed at present.”
“As far as the statement of Syed Salahuddin is concerned- this could be his suggestion but for me the most important thing is to preserve the cause- I can even work as a gate keeper of Tehreek-e-Huriyat for the same.”
Over the issue of Poll Boycott campaign launched by his amalgam, Sehrai while expressing optimism that the people will not vote during the forth coming polls, stated that the boycott campaign against the polls is being done on the party levels and that so such initiative is being taken at present to make it a unanimous effort.  There is no initiative taken by the either side so that the poll boycott campaign could be launched unanimously here, said Sehrai, adding that till people are being informed about the repercussions of voting on party basis by various pro-freedom groups.
Meanwhile, the chief spokesman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Ayaz Akbar told KNS that the amalgam has regards to the role played by Syed Salahuddin for the resistance movement here but as far as the issue of Syed Ali Geelani’s successor is concerned- it is the constitution of Tehreek Hurriyat that shall be followed during the process. “It is the shoora that has to choose the chairman and every time the constitution shall be followed with letter and spirit.” (KNS)