BJP stands in solidarity with every victim Muslim woman: PM Modi

Saharanpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government stands with ‘Har Majloom (every victim Muslim woman)”.

Addressing a public rally in Saharanpur, PM Modi said, “Our government stands with ‘Har Majloom (every victim Muslim woman)’. Those people (Opposition parties) are trying to trick Muslim sisters to push them back in their lives.”

He further said that the BJP government freed the Muslim sisters and daughters from the menace of triple talaq.

“Muslim sisters and daughters understand our clear intentions. We made them free of Triple Talaq, and gave them protection.

When the BJP received support from the Muslim women, these vote-‘thekedaar (contractors)’ got restless, seeing that their daughters were chanting ‘Modi-Modi’… They’re trying to trick Muslim sisters again,” he added.

Prime Minister took a dig at Opposition parties over dynasty politics, cautioning people from trusting their “tall claims”.

“A whole ‘parivaar-vaad’ party is making fake promises to the people of UP …Remember if someone promises big, they are usually empty, and irresponsible.

They promised electricity, but kept UP in dark and illuminated their residing district only, leaving Saharanpur and others to fend for themselves,” said PM Modi.

“Earlier governments had no vision because of ‘parivar-vaad’. They could not see or think beyond family.

They did not worry about you but only ran everything via mafias. We bring permanent solutions and want every citizen to live with self-respect,” he added.

He also referred to riots in Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur and labelled the Samajwadi Party as “dangawadi (rioters)”.

“Don’t think for a moment that these ‘dangawadis’ have reformed. They are just waiting for a chance. The rioters of Saharanpur were welcomed by these mafia-like people. Across western UP, they are backing rioters.

These people want to take revenge against the people of UP. Those who were cursing rioters earlier are now standing with the same rioters,” PM Modi said.

Voting for the first phase of state assembly elections on 58 seats is underway, and 623 candidates are in the fray.