Brutal Attitude of Indian Forces in North Kashmir Vulnerable is Condemnable: Yasin Malik

Honorable people should to join hands and eradicate the atmosphere of confusion and mutual tensions immediately: Detained Yasin Malik

Srinagar: Chairman Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik who is still languishing in police custody has strongly condemned the brutal use of force by Indian forces and police throughout Sopore, Bandipora, Baramullah, Palhalan,Hajin and Pattan etc and termed it as mere frustration of the rulers and their forces after an exemplary election boycott by the people. Yasin Malik who along with JKLF leaders advocate Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Mir Siraj ud din Davood, Imtiyaz Ahmad Bitta,Ashraf bin Salam, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Mohammad Azam Zargar, Mohammad Jamal, Abdul Rehman Pahalwan,  Mohammad Akbar Wani and Mohammad Sultan and hundreds of innocent youth in still in police custody in his statement said that police and forces are continuously practicing their revengeful activities in Sopore, Baramullah, Bandipora, Palhalan, Hajin and Pattan etc. These forces have gone berserk and are beating and arresting people and also are continuously damaging residential houses and business centers and other assets. This brutal attitude has made the lives of people living in these areas vulnerable. Yasin Malik said that all these acts of state terrorism show the level of frustration of rulers who feel defeated by the peop0l’s exemplary boycott and want to take revenge from the common people.

Yasin Malik while expressing his concern over the news reports of Mutual tensions and chaos between some people in Sopore, Baramullah,Kupwara,Handwar and Bandipora , said that overwhelming majority of the people of Kashmir, demonstrating their Zeal  and passion, boycotted the drama of Indian elections and thus clearly showed their allegiance with freedom movement and love for the great martyrs .For this show of resilience we all are thankful to these gallant  people .But at the same time we all must bear in mind that we will have to keep vigil and safeguard our unity and brotherhood and defeat the nefarious conspiracies of those who want to divide us for their own benefits and interests  . Yasin Malik appealed to all honorable people to join hands and eradicate the atmosphere of confusion and mutual tensions as it was necessary for the sacred cause of martyrs.

Yasin Malik also condemned the atrocities being committed against JKLF leader Mir Siraj ud din Davood and others who are languishing in Pattan police station and said that police behavior with these political activists is inhuman and uncivilized. Putting dozens of political prisoners in a dark cell, refusing them a meeting with their kith and kin and even stopping the important medicine to reach them cannot be termed but as brutal and uncivilized behavior. Yasin Malik strongly condemned this police behavior.