Coronavirus outbreak: What Dubai based Hindu priests/astrologers predict

Source: Gulf News

DUBAI: As the fear of coronavirus spreads faster than the disease, raising more questions than answers globally, astrologers with their star perspectives are in the spotlight, with even the most die-hard sceptics giving them a listen-in.

Nothing can perhaps illustrate this better than one of the umpteen comments on a YouTube video on coronavirus by Indian astrologer Ashish Mehta that has gone viral.

“I always take astrology with a pinch of salt but this time, I really, really want it to be true,” says one sceptic after listening to the video.

The reason? As Mehta, who is highly sought after for his predictions, explains in the video, things will begin to look up from March 24, thanks to planetary movements, the result of which will begin to be felt by March 30. The advent of summer on April 13, he said, will only help matters, with a cure for coronavirus being approved and the world slowly, but surely, coming back to normalcy thereafter.

“A lot of people ask about the coronavirus these days. Out of curiosity or out of fear, everyone’s question remains, now what next?” says Mehta. “Any virus is born from the conjunctions of Rahu or Ketu (the invisible planets that denote the points of intersection of the paths of the sun and moon). Due to the combination of Guru (Jupiter) and Ketu, it intensifies.”

Mehta points to the planetary positions for the spread of coronavirus from China to the rest of the world. “But fortunately, on March 30, Guru is leaving Ketu’s alliance and entering Capricorn. That means after March 30, we will all be free from the effects of the coronavirus. This will start from 2.58pm on March 24 itself.”

Psyched out

The explanation is music to the ears as it spells early hopes for hundreds and thousands of residents, who like the rest of the world, have been psyched out by the novel coronavirus and its meteoric rise across the planet over the last few weeks.

“March 30? That’s not too bad, we all just need to hang in there,” says Leela Raman, a Dubai-based housewife.

“Let’s hope he is right,” says Ian Hammonds, a software engineer, also based in Dubai.

Transitions behind the upheaval
According to some astrologers in the UAE, however, the wait for full relief may get a bit longer.

Dubai-based Acharya Sandeep Bhargava, astrologer and life coach, is looking at May 11 for the world to be at peace again.

Acharya Sandeep Bhargava

He attributes what is happening around us to the transitions of Saturn (on September 18 last year and January 24 this year) and Jupiter on November 5.

“These transitions collectively explain the upheaval around us. Also Mars was placed in its own house Scorpio which governs physical and mental health. All these together spell calamities, whether natural or man-made,” he says.

Another astrologer and Hindu priest in Dubai, Upendra Shastri, said, “Ketu is the main factor behind the creation of coronavirus. The astrological impact of the virus outbreak is said to have actually begun on November 5, 2019, when the planet Jupiter entered the house of Sagittarius.

Upendra Shastri

He said the combination of Ketu, Jupiter and Sagittarius has triggered the virus outbreak. “From December 14, 2019 to January 15, 2020, Jupiter remained in abeyance due to which the virus did not spread so much. But it is when Jupiter began to rise after January 15, the world began to see the impact of the virus.”

Cure for the virus

Shastri says Jupiter will be in Capricorn from March 30 until June 30. “When this happens, Jupiter becomes weak and the coronavirus is likely to become weak and we will see a cure for the virus during this period. Also the negative impact of the virus will be lowered during this period. Things are going to take a positive turn from May onwards.”

Fellow Hindu priest and astrologer Acharya Umesh, also based in Dubai, agrees that May is the time when there will be relief from coronavirus.

Acharya Umesh

“Rahu is passing through its own constellation. Rahu’s variance in the constellation is spreading poison all over the world. The spread of any type of virus is due to this. Rahu will depart from here on May 20. After this, the global situation will come under control.”

Staying positive

A fifth astrologer Raju Pandit says, “The important thing is to stay positive during a time like this. Things can only get better after something as trying as this.”

He says salutations to the sun are important as the new year with the summer months begins in mid-April.

“Let us pray and stay positive, the worst will soon be behind us,” he adds.

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