COVID-19 vaccination: Health workers face rude behaviour during door-to-door drive

Srinagar, Jun 14: As the door- to- door vaccination drive across Jammu and Kashmir is going on in full -swing, health workers at several places are facing rude behaviour as many people are still hesitant to take the vaccine.

During the last few days, many videos of confrontation between health workers and the public have gone viral on social media, indicating the hesitancy and fear among people to take the jab.

A video which is said to be from North Kashmir went viral on Monday in which health workers are persuading a family to get vaccinated, however, hesitant to take the dose, the family members start misbehaving with them.

The video has got a mixed response from netizens as many believe health care workers shouldn’t compel anybody to take the vaccination as around 15 percent health workers are yet to take the dose, while some commented that vaccination is the only way to beat the deadly pandemic.

“Unable to understand why medical teams are insisting to vaccinate and make videos to defame any one, rather they should follow the protocol to get their written consent for not opting to vaccinate (sic),” Mudasir Ahmad said.

“It is utterly unethical to behave like this with our Medical Nurses who are doing a great job of vaccinations. This women should never forget that the health and the lives of those who are trusted to their care depends on his skill and attention of a doctor, we must respect our medical facilities (sic),” wrote another person on his Facebook handle.

“Medical staff are given targets regarding vaccination. They have to cover up the whole population above 18. If few of them don’t want to get themselves vaccinated, it’s fine… But employees are making them secure by filming, so that if their higher ups will ask them about the shortfall of targets, employees will be having a proof to justify their position (sic),” wrote Dr Ajay on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, a top health official said that vaccination is the only way to beat Covid-19 and people should shun the hesitancy and get the jab at the earliest—(KNO)