Dr. Farooq Abdullah was living in a world of his own, divorced from reality

Shadab Bashir 

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining, but as far as Senior Abdullah is concerned his son is no more shining in the mountain valley. Recent elections have shown that the dusk has arrived for the National Conference leadership. The son of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and the patron-saint of NC Dr. Farooq Abdullah has been dethroned by the foot-soldiers of PDP.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah was living in a world of his own, divorced from reality. Perhaps, he knows the trick how to crack the jokes and make people laugh, but this time his “laughter show” could not convince people because agony and sufferings have increased manifold in Kashmir during his son’s regime. He was knocked down along with his other colleagues in the political arena like never before.

It is a great embarrassment for the party, and certainly demolished the courage and hope among other party workers. Perhaps, according to some political pundits, this defeat is a trailer, and they must get ready for vanquish in the upcoming assembly elections.

Now Omar Abdullah is counting his own faults and regretting what he did during the past more than five years, but will it give any benefit to his party National Conference, obviously not because that time has gone. There is no sympathy among most of the people toward him for unconcealed reasons.

From Afzal Guru’s hanging to 2010 killings and from Shopian rape and murder case to non-revocation of AFSPA, Omar Abdullah spun so many webs, which eventually trapped nobody except him.

However, it could be seen that those people who boycotted elections as they have no faith in process, and they believe NC and PDP are two faces of same coin, but still it was observed that few among them are happy to see NC people, including their patron to hide their faces in shame.