First election in J&K after Guru’s execution

Feeling proud that people boycotted polls: Tabasum

Srinagar: Tabasum wife of Mohammad Afzal Guru, the Parliament attack convict who was executed in Tihar Jail on February 9, 2013, on Wednesday thanked people for what she said staying away from polls held in Baramulla Lok Sabah constituency today.

“I am thankful to people who boycotted the polls today and to all those who have done it in the past,” said Tabsum after being informed that not a single vote was poll out of 468 registered voters in village Seer Jagir in Baramulla district.

The roads and the zig-zag lanes that took us to Guru’s house also wore a deserted look. Locals in her village had observed a complete shutdown and shops were shut with some children playing cricket in a nearby playground.

“It wasn’t only Afzal Sahib who sacrificed his life for the cause, there are lakhs of others who tread the same path. The nation in remembrance to those brave hearts is boycotting the polls,” she said while reacting as if nothing serious was going on outside her house.

She maintained that she has no faith in the present system and that those who voted have betrayed the sacrifices offered by the people in Kashmir. “Had this system been a correct system, lakhs would not have been killed; Guru would have been alive today.”

Tabasum who works in a private nursing home of north Kashmir to sustain her life told KNS that  during the initial days when Guru was sent to gallows at Tihar, this question continued to traumatize her brain that how come a person could be picked up in a queue and hanged secretly. “Later I understood the whole game plan.” She also took a jibe at chief minister Omar Abdullah- claiming that he was privy to Guru’s hanging on January 30, 2013.

“All politicians are alike you cannot expect anything good from them. But Guru laid down his life for the people and people are acknowledging that and have shown to the world the same by boycotting the ongoing elections. I am proud of my nation,” said Tabasum with dry eyes and folded hands.

In a scathing attack against separatist leadership – Tabasum accused them of even failing to bring back the spectacles and a copy of Holy Quran that Afzal used to recite in the solitary cells of Tihar Jail. “Leave aside the mortal remains of my husband; I want to ask that you even failed to bring back the things of his daily use.”