Five Food items to boost immunity to fight the virus

By: Ayesha Kirmani

Five food items you should add in your daily life to boost your immunity to fight the virus

1. Vitamin C –ascorbic acid

Yes, you have heard it millions of times but it works. Vitamin C can be taken in any time of the day. Vitamin C can be taken in the form of any effervescent tablets which are easily available in pharmacy or supermarkets. Two of my favorites are REDOXON and BOOST. you can use one Redoxon or Boost tablet in a glass a water.

One Redoxon tablets contains 1000mg of vitamin C ,400 IU of vitamin D and 10g of zinc

One Boost tablet contains 1000mg of Vitamin C ZINC 7.5 MG and Echinacea 239mg

Chewable Vitamin C like our age old Limcee can be taken one tablet per day

Natural sources of vitamin C like Oranges, Lemons, kiwi, pineapples .

Five things to add to your diet to boost your immunity

2.Manuka Honey

It is the best honey n the world .it has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory benefits. Studies have found it decreases harmful oral bacteria.

Research suggest that Manuka honey help treat gastric ulcers caused by H pylori

It has high antioxidants benefits and boosts immunity
Some of my favorites are NZ health naturally and Manukora.

One teaspoon in Luke warm water taken early stomach is very helpful .

3 Organic Turmeric

Well my beloved mom always used to say Haldi is a medicine and I think we have all embarrassed ourselves many times with Haldi stained hands.
Turmeric has compounds called Curcuminoid and the most important is curcum in which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Using turmeric daily helps to increase in anti-oxidant enzymes in our body and boost immunity
Turmeric can be used with glass of milk or Luke warm water once a day best being before sleeping .


Garlic has high concentration of sulfur containing compound which includes Allicin which acts anti-inflammatory. Garlic has high levels of Vitamin A and HELPS TO boost immunity and overall health.
2 cloves roasted can be used in morning or 3 cloves crushed and boiled in a 250 ml of water.

5. Nigella seeds or KALOONJI or Black cumin

It is packed with Anti-oxidants and can help to fight any disease and boos immunity. it has been found to be as effective as a standard anti-bacterial to treat bacterial has highly anti-inflammatory properties and regular use can cure chronic inflammations too.

Kaloonji can be used in many ways used while cooking or sprinkled in salads or with a glass of water.

Adding these five things in your diet will help you boost immunity and fight diseases but let’s all be a responsible and practice social isolation. That’s the need of the hour.

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