Forthcoming elections crucial for state’s identity: Omar Abdullah

“Only a democratically elected government can resolve development needs of state”

Beerwah, Jan 29: Jammu and Kashmir National conference vice President Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said that the forthcoming elections are crucial for safeguarding the special status of state besides deciding the scope of development for next half a decade.
Omar Abdullah who was addressing worker’s convention at Ratsun Beeerwah said, “People of the state this time should make clear to those sitting on power corridors in New Delhi how passionately the people of State feel about their identity.”
Omar said that only a democratic government can satiate the developmental needs of the state, and that governor not being a people’s representative cannot decide on crucial issues that the state is facing.
“The mammoth task of putting state back on the track of development which includes giving due representation to Pir Panchal and Chenab regions, infrastructure augmentation in health and education sector, diversification of agriculture can only be executed by a democratically elected government with the active participation of people,” he said.
“People have seen it all how the non participation of NC in the ULB and Panchayat Elections has opened flood gates for such forces as are naïve towards the suffering of people,” he said.
Omar maintained that people of the state want elections as soon as possible. “People don’t want to wait any more for elections. A governor, owing to its non representative character cannot do what a democratically elected government can do,” he said.
Omar said that he will continue to work for Beerwah constituency and its people. “I am indebted to the people of people for accepting me. Being in opposition I tried my level best to work for the development of the constituency, but I know there is a lot that needs to be done in terms of infrastructure building and ensuring all other amenities to people,” he said adding what good was achieved in terms of development in Beerwah is just a specimen and a speck of what will be done once NC comes to power.
The vice President said that he had got RS 50 Crore earmarked for the up gradation of infrastructure vis-à-vis power-supply in Beerwah but the project was put in cold storage afterwards. “I am aware of the needs of Beerwah and that a lot more is to be done in terms of employment generation. However a lot is to be done in bringing Beerwah on the map of tourism, and augmentation of basic infrastructure,” he said.
“When in government we will leave no stone unturned to address the developmental demands of the people of Beerwah,” he said.
Omar said the idea of coalition governments didn’t auger well for our state. “The example of PDP-BJP government is a case in point. The need of the hour is to pull the state out of chaos and it can only be done by a strong mandated government. NC with its legacy of service and sacrifice bears the panacea of state’s peculiar issues,” he said.