Geelani shocked and grieved about the inhuman and gruesome incident in LD hospital

Srinagar, January 20, 2019: All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani was shocked and grieved to know about the inhuman and gruesome incident in LD hospital, where a poor lady from far flung area was denied admission in the hospital, resulting in birth of a dead baby in chilling cold on road side.

He said that social evils and immoral incidents have eroded our society to such a hollow that no artificial developments, like sky touching mansions, wide roads and expensive automotives, can help to sustain and uphold such about to fall society.

Hurriyat chairman said that medical profession is such a noble and pious profession that it is a source of hope and courage to the sick and ailing masses, but incidents like LD hospital, has cast dark shadows on this profession.

He said that our doctors, paramedics and other related personnel render praiseworthy services to the ailing humanity in this strife torn land, irrespective of their personal stresses and people of valley in general hail their sincere efforts and are proud of them, but at the same time inhuman acts like this can in no way be tolerated and such black sheep should be brought to book as early as possible.

Hurriyat chairman said that media reports about these horrifying incidents are not only alarming, but should be driving us for introspection of our social system. He very humbly requested the people in general and youth in particular to strengthen the bond of faith, take guidance from Quran and Sunnah and help building a society on the principals of humanity, brotherhood and justice irrespective of any cast, creed, religion or region, and that is the only guarantee of any viable, sustainable and flourishing society.