Hope Modi will address alienation, trust deficit in Kashmir: Mufti   

Expresses gratitude to people of J&K for party’s historic win;  

‘People of Kashmir have spokesman decisively’

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, on Sundaysaid that people of Kashmir through their clear mandate in favour of PDP has further strengthened the party’s resolve to work towards accomplishing its unfinished agenda of securing dignified peace, lasting stability and inclusive prosperity for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

According to a statement issued to KNS, Mufti while congratulating Narendra Modi for his overwhelming success across the country hoped that Modi’s developmental agenda will be intensive and political agenda inclusive. “We congratulate Mr Modi and his party on their outstanding victory. We hope his developmental agenda is intensive and his political agenda is inclusive.  That is what is needed and expected of him in his new role,” Mufti said.

He hoped that the new Government at the Centre, under the leadership of Modi, will take tangible measures to address the causes of alienation and trust deficit in Kashmir and work towards finding long-lasting solution of the problem plaguing the region for the past more than six decades.

“At the national level also people have voted and given a decisive mandate to the BJP for a strong and stable government at the Centre. Mr Narendra Modi has got the political and electoral legitimacy to head the new Government as the Prime Minister. We must all respect this legitimacy that has been accorded to him by the people of the country.”

Meanwhile, the PDP patron and the former chief minister said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have spoken– and ‘spoken decisively’. “As I extend my gratitude to the people for reposing their faith and trust in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and ensuring a remarkable and historic victory for the party, I am in no doubt, at all, as to what it means.

I am especially humbled by the overwhelming endorsement of my party’s political and economic agenda by the State’s young population who have started playing decisive role in democratic exercises as is evident from the results of the recent Lok Sabha polls. Time has come for the State’s youth to fully assert themselves to become active partners in political decision-making processes.”

Mufti said: “I compliment the PDP cadres from the core of my heart for having successfully and effectively carried the party’s political and economic agenda to the grassroots level. They sacrificed their personal interests for the larger objective of ensuring peace and dignity for the State and its people and it is because of the untiring efforts of the PDP cadres that their party has today become a real people’s movement across Jammu and Kashmir. I also express my appreciation for the Election Commission of India (ECI) for ensuring by and large free, fair and peaceful elections in Jammu & Kashmir with the endorsement of the Central Government led by Dr Manmohan Singh. Equally commendable is the role played by the State Administration in accomplishing this drawn-out and massive democratic exercise smoothly.”

The PDP patron said that the results of the Lok Sabha polls make it amply clear that the people of the State have come together with their powerful voice and expressed their will in un-ambiguous verdict. They have affirmed our course. They have told us to move forward.

Jammu & Kashmir is at the threshold of a momentous transformation and it today needs, more than ever before, a caring government, which only a truly committed political party can provide. I reiterate my party’s resolve to work hand-in-hand with the progressive and democratic forces in the country and the region to facilitate dignified resolution of the Kashmir issue and the issues confronting Jammu and Kashmir.

“I visualize a space of dignity, opportunity and prosperity for the people my people in the paradigm of friendship and cooperative relationship between India and Pakistan as envisioned in PDP’s Self-Rule document.  The State can’t remain aloof from the massive economic progress taking place in the country and the region and our enterprising young generation has to be provided a more congenial atmosphere to flourish and assimilate into the free and flourishing global market economy.”

The statement added: “I assure my people that PDP would work towards accomplishing its unfinished agenda of securing dignified peace, lasting stability and inclusive prosperity for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who have suffered countless miseries over the years. It would be our endeavor to carry the voice of Jammu & Kashmir to all parts of the country and use all forums including the Assembly, Parliament and other democratic platforms to secure the political and economic rights of the State and its people.”

Mufti said that he urged everybody, cutting across the political divide, let us make a new beginning, and move forward to confront the great challenges people of Jammu and Kashmir are facing. Let us rise as one to meet these defining challenges of our time, so that our future generations, thank us and say truly this was the turning point in J&K’s turbulent history. (KNS)