‘I took a step and today everyone’s proud of me’: First Lady Driver of Jammu, Pooja

Srinagar: A 40 year old lady and mother to 3 kids, Pooja became the first lady driver of Jammu. Belonging to Tehsil Basoli, District Kathua, she said that her journey to become a driver was obstructed by her family but did what had dreamt of always. She also said that the decision which was once opposed by everyone had made them feel proud of her today.

Pooja Devi | Image: Twitter

“It’s been 5-6 years since I’m driving. I used to drive a small car, then bought my own Eeco and then switched to a taxi. I always wished to drive that’s why was quick enough to learn it. Few days back, I was passing through the bus stand near ware house and told them to keep me as a driver. The Branch Manager, Yashpal Ji trusted me and gave me this opportunity due to my learnings and licence. I thank him. I value the trust and help of Rajinder Ji, belonging to Shani Chadwal who taught me truck driving.”
“I have 2 sons and a daughter. My husband usually stops me from working as a driver. He believes there are a lot of other ways of earning but I feel we only enjoy working what like. If I would have started some other work, my life wouldn’t be as cheerful as it is now.” She added.
Pooja said that she doesn’t fear driving a bus instead trusts God in saving her life every time she starts any vehicle.
“We all have to die one day. I’m a part of Nirankari Mission and take God’s name whenever I’m about drive. I believe he’ll save me from all mishaps. My daughter is in 10th standard, son is in 7th and the youngest one is in 2nd. Many of my relatives tell me to keep my son with them during my working hours but I don’t trust anyone. So, he’s always with me in the bus.”
She further added “Whole J&K (many people) are running after me, calling me and appreciating me for a step I took against my family’s decision. They stopped me from being a driver and now they are proud of me for the same thing. I never thought I would experience success so early in my life.”
“My message to all the people out there is that we aren’t born to be slaves. Many ladies aren’t able to pursue their dream of driving due to their families or husbands so it’s my request to support these ladies. They are initiating a good work. If I was wrong, everybody would’ve been against me till now but see each one of you is appreciating me and I’m grateful for that.