Imran Khan Says “Chinese leadership pulled 700 mn people out of poverty by following holy prophet”

Flaunting the State of Madina as a modern state of this day and age, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan said that the government should emphasize the need for educating the youth and providing them with better job opportunities.

Pointing out the state’s responsibility of giving equal rights to people. Mr. Khan said, “Pakistan will stand when it adopts the mission, which is to make a welfare Islamic state.” He said the Chinese leadership also followed the guidelines of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and pulled 700 million people from the poverty trap.

Adding to it, he also mentioned that empathy differentiated between humans and animals and that nothing was more important than the empathy inculcated by Prophet (PBUH) in his followers.

“Sixty percent of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30. This is the future and they will elevate the status of our country. They need education, hospitals and opportunities,” he added.

Talking about the state’s National Poverty Graduation Strategy, under the Ehsas Programme, he added that the state will work towards improving the living standard of the poor and the unprivileged. He reminded that every ministry will have a role to play.

Imran termed justice and equality the building blocks of progress and maintained that the Naya Pakistan will save people from poverty. He said the budget of the program was close to Rs200 billion and the govt will use the funds for giving interest-free loans to 82,000 people.