It’s official: Shaheen Shah to be engaged to Shahid Afridi’s daughter

Shahid Afridi’s family says the proposal had been in discussion for two years; formal announcement to be made soon

Star pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi has sought cricketing legend Shahid Afridi’s daughter’s hand in marriage, both families have confirmed.


A combo image shows Shahid Afridi with his daughter and Shaheen Shah Afridi.

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Reports suggest that the two families have reached an understanding, but a formal engagement will be announced in some time.

Shaheen Shah Afridi’s father Ayaz Khan has told the media that both families have longstanding relations and that Shahid Afridi’s family has agreed to the proposal. He said that a ceremony to formalise the engagement will be held soon.

A representative of Shahid Afridi’s family meanwhile told Geo News that the proposal had been in discussion for the past two years.

Shahid Afridi’s family said that since Shaheen is playing cricket and Shahid Afridi’s daughter is still studying, the engagement has not yet been formally announced.

They said that the engagement could be formalised shortly before the wedding in two years’ time.

The family has requested that the matter not be speculated on. Shahid Afridi will make a proper announcement when the time is right, they said.